Jessica Tams


Meet Jessica!

Jessica moved to Lethbridge after graduating from studying Advertising and Marketing Communications in Ottawa, Ontario. When she is not assisting princesses, she is assisting businesses and individuals with their branding, design, and marketing goals.

She has dabbled in a variety of performance arts over the years, including: ballet, figure skating, singing, hip-hop, modelling, and acting. Her background as a childcare worker and her current position volunteering with youth in the community have helped her to develop strong skills working with children of many ages.

“I think it’s amazing that New Dream has managed to create such an immersive and magical experience. The thoughtfulness, intentionality, and diverse skill sets of the performers really set New Dream apart. Watching the individuals engaging with the characters is such a beautiful and unique opportunity. I love to see the inspiration and delight these interactions can bring, regardless of age!”